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Access to the built environment for all - Accessibilité Patrimoine - France

  • France
Scope of application
  • Built environment
Type of organisation
  • Other
Organisation responsible
  • Ecole de design Nantes-Atlantique

Over a period of 9 years, the Accessibilité Patrimoine project, led by the Nantes Atlantique design school and supported by the French Ministry of Culture, has brought together case studies of different sites within the protected old building framework, both in France and in Europe. In all, more than 80 case studies have been compiled, including castles and museums, with both heritage and mediation strategies.

Pedagogical activities involving students have enabled us to test an active pedagogy that goes beyond the barrier-free approach in favor of a creative approach to constraints, where accessibility enhances the potential of the visit for the benefit of all visitors.

To complete the scheme, a dozen or so seminars have been held to raise awareness of the issues and create a community of practice for the benefit of design for all, bringing together designers, clients and students.

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