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Accessibility of the Acropolis UNESCO Heritage Site, Athens - Greece

  • Greece
Scope of application
  • Culture and leisure
Type of organisation
  • Public administration
Organisation responsible
  • Ministry of Culture

Infrastructure works to improve access to this unique ancient monument for visitors with mobility disabilities. Construction of a new, variable angle lift, with a 1300 kg payload, i.e. two wheelchair users with two personal assistants or an ambulance stretcher with one attendant.

The lift is certified by the international company TUV, as defined by the European Regulations on slope lifts. It is noted that a similar elevator does not exist in any other monument. Structurally, its variable angle is close to a right-angle, while its perimeter glass lining offers a unique panoramic view. Replacement and extension of accessible routes (now 500 metres in length), with special paved surface material.

The routes connect the upper exit of the slope elevator with the ancient Panathinaion Street, extending in front of the Propylaea, from the Parthenon to  the South Slope.

As clarified by the Ministry of Culture, the material chosen for the paving, as aesthetically acceptable, is architectural concrete with a cement content of only 12%.

The end result is an artificial stone, corresponding to the materials used to complete the monuments. The materials were evaluated with on-site test applications by the Acropolis Monuments Conservation Committee.

The whole project is completely reversible.Two vehicles (golf cart type) facilitate access to the new slope lift for persons with disabilities and others with mobility disabilities.

Original statutes, building remnants and artefacts from the Acropolis archaeological site are exhibited in the New Acropolis Museum, close to the rock.

The museum, which opened in June 2009, is accessible to persons with disabilities, including step-free access routes with ramps for wheelchairs and strollers at all Museum entrances, elevator access and WCs for persons with disabilities available on all floors. Wheelchairs can be borrowed at the Information Desk and guide-dogs allowed.

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