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Accessible song and dance festival 2019 - Estonia

  • Estonia
Scope of application
  • Communication
Type of organisation
  • Organisation representative of people with disabilities
Organisation responsible
  • Estonian Chamber of People with Disabilities

The 2019 Estonian Song and Dance Festival was a landmark event in terms of accessibility, making it a truly inclusive celebration of the country's cultural heritage. For the first time, the accessibility team incorporated live audio descriptions on television, providing a vivid picture of the dance festival for visually impaired audiences.

On-site, accessibility for visually impaired individuals was further enhanced through additional audio descriptions, tactile books that illustrated dance patterns, and festival schedules provided in Braille.

For attendees with mobility impairments, raised seats ensured an uninterrupted view of the performances. Recognizing the importance of inclusivity for the hearing-impaired, the team implemented live broadcasts complete with subtitles and sign language translations.

On-site, the song festival was also made accessible through sign language translation, allowing individuals with hearing impairments to fully participate in this cultural extravaganza.

In summary, the 2019 Estonian Song and Dance Festival set a new standard in festival accessibility, ensuring that the enjoyment and appreciation of Estonia's rich cultural traditions are available to all.

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