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Committee for the Students with Disabilities of the University of Zadar - Croatia

  • Croatia
Scope of application
  • Education
Type of organisation
  • Public administration

With the aim to ensure conditions for quality and equally accessible education of current and future students with disabilities, the University of Zadar has organized a string of activities through the Student Counselling Centre, and encouraged the foundation of the Committee for the Students with Disabilities.

Students with disabilities at the University of Zadar are considered students who have visual impairment, hearing impairment, motor disabilities, chronic diseases, specific learning difficulties and students with mental illness and disorders. By categorizing these students as students with disabilities our intention is not to stigmatize them, but rather to emphasize the need for accommodation of academic content to their individual abilities. In this process, we take care not to jeopardize academic standards and not to compromise defined learning outcomes.

Students with disabilities are provided with continuous support during their studies, with the aim of achieving more efficient and successful learning. Viewing from the perspective of a student with a disability, there are no spatial obstacles for accessing the University. All buildings are accessible to the persons in a wheelchair due to the ramps at the entrances, while different parts of the building can be reached by an elevator. Besides, there are toilets adjusted to the persons with physical disabilities. All the rooms are accessible to the students with visual impairment and hearing impairment, and the elevator buttons are marked in Braille signs.

Also, the University of Zadar provides additional assistive equipment and technology depending on individual student needs. Students can apply for individual counseling at the Counseling Center and join the support group for students with disabilities that was formed last academic year. Students with disabilities also could enroll in a peer support course. The course is available to all students enrolled in any department of the University of Zadar, be it at an undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate level. The prerequisite for the enrolment is the acquaintance with a disabled student who needs peer support, and who consents that the student who enrolls in the course be his or her student helper (a pair). The course is entered as a university course, and it is not affiliated to a particular study program. Students with disabilities could participate in a customized fitness program and therapeutic swimming (activities organized by the Center for Exercise and Student Sports). 

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