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Barrierefreiheit und inklusive Beschäftigung - Accessibility and inclusive employment


Publication date
1 December 2023
Zero Project - The Essl Foundation
  • German
  • 2023


This Essl Foundation supplement to "Die Presse" has been published on this day since 2017 and for the past three years. The Essl Foundation uses it to highlight its concerns for a world without barriers. On this day, around 77 innovations from the Zero Project 2023 from all over the world will be presented, this time focusing on education, IT solutions and inclusive art, and will be presented at the global Zero Project Conference in UNO City Vienna in February 2024 (

Since 2017, the Essl Foundation has been committed to supporting the concerns of people with disabilities in Austria: Zero Project company dialogues bring companies closer to the added value of employing people with disabilities by awarding the Inclusion Prize at the Austria's Leading Company Award from "Die Presse", we publicize extraordinary entrepreneurship in the promotion of inclusive employment.

At the kick-off event for the annual conference, we present five international initiatives for greater accessibility in Austria together with the disability spokespersons of all political parties. Highlights of the magazine: 50 companies that provide an insight into successful professional inclusion.

News article - Magazine “Employment” about the working lives of people with disabilities. (In German)

Broschüre Beschäftigung 2023. (In German)

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25 APRIL 2024
Broschüre Beschäftigung 2023