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Inclusive Higher Education


Publication date
1 January 2018
Zuzana Čerešňová | Giuseppe Di Bucchianico | Michaela Hanousková | Danica Končeková | Petr Peňáz | Michal Kacej | Adam Kubica
  • English
  • 2018


Editorial information: Nakladatelství Gasset – Allan Gintel. 2018, 239 p. ISBN 978-80-87079-60-7.

This publication summarizes the current state of accessibility to higher education for students with special needs in selected European countries and provides analyses of a new concept of human-centred (student-centred) approach in higher education.

The publication is one of the outputs of the UNIALL project: Accessibility of Higher Education for Students with Special Needs, co-funded by the European Union in frame of the Erasmus+ program.

The publication consists of five chapters that define the research framework and methodology for the creation of inclusive higher education. This comprehensive methodology covers the monitoring, evaluation and implementation of the human-centred approach in the following fields:

  1.  Teaching and learning process by using student-centred pedagogy;
  2. Support services, study materials, information and communication technologies (ICT) accessible to diverse students;
  3. Designing of inclusive environment of higher education institutions and campuses.


20 OCTOBER 2023
Inclusive Higher Education