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General guidelines

Open it! - Maak Open!


Publication date
1 January 2021
Hans Beerens | Davy Kager
  • Dutch
  • 2021


Editorial information:, 2nd edition, 2021.

Guide for publishers with a simple explanation 10 guidelines that will actually help persons with disabilities use your website.

This guide explains the guidelines and provides easy explanation and solutions. It is non-technical so even if you are not an expert in web technology, you will understand what is meant by the guidelines and how to quickly repair them.

These changes make life more easy for persons with disabilities. But accessibility is also pleasant, usable and comfortable for others. Accessibility is not just a task for one person in the organization, therefor this guide is aimed at everyone in the organization: managers, publishers, policy makers, designers, developers, editors and writers. It discusses use of color, contrast, link names, text alternatives for images and graphics, reading level, page titles, headings, labels and lists.

For everyone of these, the book gives examples, explains why it is important for users with disabilities, how to check your website for it and what you can do to repair barriers.


15 OCTOBER 2023
Open it! - Maak Open!