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Strategic accessibility planning - Strateško načrtovanje dostopnosti


Publication date
1 January 2018
Andreja Albreht | Andreja Zapušek Černe
  • Slovenian
  • 2018


Editorial information: Ministry of the Environment and Space, Directorate for Space, Construction and Housing. ISBN 978-961-6392-76-1.

The handbook deal with the topic of access for the disabled and other people with disabilities to space, information and services.

The Ministry of Infrastructure also participated in the preparation of the manual, which is an important step towards progress in this area.

Availability of space, services and information are topics that covers different areas and requires the close cooperation of various disciplines and departments.

The handbook sheds light on this vast topic and encourages all those responsible to think about that this cooperation is important for accessible space and services. It also presents the way in which it is possible to implement the commitments set out in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, among other things, it helps to fulfill legal obligations in an efficient, meaningful and cost-effective manner more rational way and with lower costs.


20 OCTOBER 2023
Strategic accessibility planning - Strateško načrtovanje dostopnosti