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Switch. 2.0 Design without barriers


Publication date
1 January 2024
Kamil Kowalski
  • Polish
  • 2024


Editorial information: Fundacja IntegracjaSkanska

The Integracja Foundation, together with the Skanska office company, has published a new edition of the compendium of knowledge about design for everyone, regardless of their level of ability or mobility. “Switch 2.0. “Designing without Barriers” is an updated version that takes into account new regulations and standards to build a more inclusive and comfortable space for everyone. 

Thanks to this publication architects, designers and people planning projects will be able to create universal concepts that are flexible, simple and accessible to everyone, directly affecting the physical and mental well-being of everyone. 

"Switch 2.0" is a book showing how and why it is worth creating and arranging space to was available to everyone; so that solutions take into account the needs of as many users as possible, including people with disabilities. 

The starting point for the creation of "Switch 2.0" was Ronald Mace's seven principles of universal design: equal access, flexibility of use, simplicity and intuitiveness; clear information; error tolerance; minimizing physical exertion; parameters and size of space enabling access and use.

The authors pay attention to simple, clear instructions and graphic signs that facilitate orientation in space. It is also directly related to clear information and color markings, e.g. distinguishing buildings or assigning symbols to their individual zones.

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30 APRIL 2024
Switch. 2.0 Design without barriers