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Transport Development Strategy of the Republic of Slovenia Until 2030


Editorial informationMinistry of Infrastructure, Republic of Slovenia

The “Transport Development Strategy of the Republic of Slovenia Until 2030" focuses on the country's efforts to enhance its transport infrastructure post-independence, with initial emphasis on constructing its motorway network and later shifting focus to modernize the railway system. Due to resource constraints, investments in the railway were delayed until the motorway projects neared completion. The strategy outlines the need for comprehensive investments in both rail and road networks to address deterioration and capacity issues.

In 2012, the Slovenian Government initiated plans for a harmonized transport infrastructure investment strategy extending to 2030, culminating in the establishment of a working group in 2013 to draft a resolution aimed at improving infrastructure integrity and fostering an integrated transport system. This includes not only physical infrastructure but also the management, maintenance, and development of intelligent transport systems, logistics, and facilities for alternative fuels. The strategy emphasizes the importance of evaluating all potential measures and projects through cost-benefit analysis and environmental, spatial, and social acceptability, with a two-phase implementation plan for the strategy and its operational execution.

Publication: Transport Development Strategy  of the Republic of Slovenia  Until 2030

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11 APRIL 2024
Transport Development Strategy of the Republic of Slovenia Until 2030