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AccessibleEU Cyprus - Technologies and accessibility in the cultural sector (AW-CY-01)

AccessibleEU organises this event on accessibility, technologies, cultural heritage and museums.

The past few years have witnessed a shift in approaches and practices that aim to enhance and promote inclusion of diverse audiences in museums, galleries, and the cultural sector in general. Emerging technologies have often been used as a means towards achieving that end, adopting various and diverse approaches to the inclusion of multiple and different groups of people/visitors. Nonetheless, there are still several limitations and the need to further examine the ways in which the design and development of cultural practices can further support initiatives for inclusion, which are currently done sporadically (as the result of research activity, of activist groups’ actions, or of individual museums and professionals’ vision and agendas) and often without governmental support through established relevant policy and secured funding.

Thus, this awareness event aims to:

  • highlight contemporary initiatives in the cultural sector that are relevant to the inclusion of diverse groups of audiences and needs, particularly focusing on people with disabilities

  • introduce projects that implement emerging technologies for the promotion of more accessible and inclusive practices in museums and galleries;

  • address challenges and limitations in the development and implementation of such initiatives at the local level and connect it to international practices and debates;

  • open the floor for discussion relating to such initiatives and outline future plans for more inclusive practices in the cultural sector in Cyprus;

  • bring together all interested agents and actors including museum professional or professional working in the cultural sector, technology experts, policy makers and users to establish a dialogic network, and support future conversations and the exchange of ideas and experiences;

  • improve awareness relating to the design and implementation of accessibility practices for the inclusion of all in the cultural sector.

  • Target audience: Educators of all levels, users/persons with disabilities, families of persons with disabilities, museum professionals, cultural heritage policy makers

  • When: Saturday, October 21, 2023

  • Where: European University Cyprus, 6 Diogenes Street, 1516, Nicosia, Cyprus.

  • Format: Hybrid

  • Type of event: Awareness-raising

  • Language: Greek

  • Accessibility information: Captioning and sign interpretation in Greek

  • How to participate: Link to the event

19 OCTOBER 2023


  • cultural organisation
  • Saturday 21 October 2023, 09:00 (EEST)
  • Cyprus

Practical information

Saturday 21 October 2023, 09:00 (EEST)