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News article23 October 2023Slovenija News

Slovenian web portal receives Information Strawberry Award

The awarded portal enables quick access to information for people with disabilities

Information in Slovene on how to access accessibility features in the Donopso website.

The Slovenian portal, which is part of Multimedia Center at public RTV Slovenia, has received the "Information Strawberry" award for the best achievement in the field of the information society.

The website enables quick access to information for persons with disabilities, especially people with vision and hearing impairments, and older adults.

In Dostopno website, users can also read articles dealing with different topics, including life, rights, work and integration into society of persons with disabilities. Additionally, the portal is a gathering place for all radio and television programs that include these topics in their content, as well as programmes that include accessibility features.

Users can watch and listen to shows with audio descriptions and caption, which are primarily intended for persons with visual impairments, shows with a sign language interpreter, and captions. In the CAN READ section, news is available in easy-to read format.

The award was presented at the Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia, during the conclusion of the traditional 26th International Multi-Conference on Information Society 2023.

More information about the awards:


Publication date
23 October 2023
Slovenija News