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Evaluation of accessibility of Centres for social work for the persons with disabilities in Slovenia by Ombudsman in Slovenia

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Since October 2018, 16 regional regional Centres for Social Work have been operating in the Republic of Slovenia, or a total of 63 of their units (some operate in several facilities). 

The Ombudsman in Slovenia has undertaken the task of evaluating the accessibility of Centres for Social Work as they pertain to persons with disabilities. This assessment aimed to scrutinize the level of accessibility in these crucial social institutions, evaluating how well they accommodate the unique needs of disabled individuals who rely on their services. The objective was to identify any gaps or shortcomings that could potentially hinder the effective utilization of services by this demographic.

This evaluation by the Ombudsman was a significant step toward ensuring that social services in Slovenia are inclusive and accessible to all. By focusing on Centres for Social Work, which often serve as the first point of contact for those seeking social assistance, the Ombudsman aims to set the standard for accessibility across various public services. The outcomes of this evaluation could serve as a template for other sectors to follow, thus contributing to a more inclusive social infrastructure in the country.

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Report On Accessibility Of Centres For Social Work For The Disabled in Slovenia.

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