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Nationwide network of respite tourism - Poland

  • Poland
Scope of application
  • Tourism
Type of organisation
  • Non-profit organisation
Organisation responsible
  • Ładne Historie Foundation

The Mountains Connect Us are extraordinary expeditions during which people with disabilities and their families traverse the Sudety trails together, supported by mountain enthusiasts who, as volunteers, often with their entire families, help them reach the destination of the expedition.

So far, the “Ładne Historie” Foundation has organized a total of 48 mountain trips, in which over 154 people with disabilities and almost 400 healthy people took part. Behind these numbers are the stories of all those people whose lives were changed by the opportunity to go to the mountains. Experiencing mountains together is intended to help disabled children increase their self-esteem, gain self-confidence and focus on setting their own goals, recognizing their potential and, above all, believing in their own abilities. During trips, the "Ładne Historie" Foundation provides specialized equipment that enables mountain walks for people with mobility limitations. This is a huge respite for parents and guardians.

In addition to mountain trips, the video productions have been produced showing how to read the maps and recognize which trails are accessible. The good practices: promoting active forms of recreation for disabled people, providing respite care free of charge, mountain tourism for disabled and cares.

More about a Nationwide network of respite tourism. Video. (in Polish).

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