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Natur for alle (Nature for all) - Denmark

  • Denmark
Scope of application
  • Culture and leisure
Type of organisation
  • Organisation representative of people with disabilities
Organisation responsible
  • Collaboration of organisations

'Nature for all'  is a national, digital platform that tracks, collects and disseminates information about available nature experiences to enable more people with disabilities to get out into nature. More than 150 routes and facilities across the country has already been registered.

The overview makes it easier for people with disabilities, as well as the elderly, those with walking difficulties and families with children, to get inspiration and confidence to go out and experience the Danish nature.

It is a three-year project that runs from June 2021 to May 2024. The project is developed through ongoing collaboration with users, landowners and outdoor and disability organisations. The project is also based on a strong collaboration with the Norwegian Nature Agency and GeoDanmark's specialist database GeoFa regarding dissemination and registration..

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