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Object of reconstruction with a new extension. Riga Shoping Centre 'Origo' (Latvia)

  • Latvia
Scope of application
  • Built environment
Type of organisation
  • Company
Organisation responsible
  • SIA 'Linstow Baltic'

The shopping center is located close to the historical center of Riga and Riga International Bus Station. The center is connected to the Riga Central railway station, therefore, it is visited by hundreds of people a day - not only people with mobility impairments, but also mothers with baby carriages and elderly people.

The shopping centre has several environmental accessibility solutions that have not been used in Latvia before, for example, a ramp integrated into the stairs, which successfully fits into the architecture, a guidance system in the supermarket corridors for blind people, and all revolving doors have additional doors with automatic openings.

The interior of ORIGO ensures that shops, cafes, restaurants and service providers are accessible for people with reduced mobility. In the underground car park, there are specially marked disabled parking places near the lifts. The shopping centre has convenient and modern lifts providing access to the necessary floor. On every floor of the shopping centre, there are accessible toilets designed to accommodate people with reduced mobility.

Improved access for visitors with visual impairment – in the lifts and on handrails of evacuation stairs there are signs in Braille. People with visual impairment and blindness are allowed to visit the shopping centre with a guide dog.

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