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"One School for All" Model - Bulgaria

  • Bulgaria
Scope of application
  • Education
Type of organisation
  • Non-profit organisation
Organisation responsible
  • Centre for Inclusive Education
  • ELA Shared Learning Association

The One School for All model is a team-based way of managing school resources and processes for changing the school environment; for changing attitudes towards diversity in the classroom and inclusive education and for more active and full participation of all members of the school community.

The model was created specifically for the Bulgarian context by the ELA Shared Learning Association (formerly the Center for Inclusive Education) in partnership with five Bulgarian schools and the University of Washington, Seattle, USA. It is based on the work of the school as a system. To ensure sustainability, the Model does not provide ready-made answers to the question "How to build an inclusive school environment?", but places the school in the framework of a learning organization that analyzes its own culture, policies, practices and makes the necessary changes as a result of this analysis. It is an organic approach that happens within the school, by the teachers and management themselves, with external support from ELA.

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