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Publicly shared design system with good accessibility - Offentligt delat designsystem med god tillgänglighet - Sweden

Scope of application
Type of organisation
Public administration
Organisation responsible
The Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen)

A design system shared publicly with the following contents:

  • An established model for cooperation: How to develop the design system together.
  • Design patterns: Design and interaction patterns for user interfaces that fulfill specific needs.
  • Design principles: A framework for how a designer can (and cannot) deal with different situations.
  • Graphical profile: Tools and guidelines for presenting the organization’s brand.
  • Component library in two parts: for design (Sketch + Abstract) and for code (web components via NPM).
  • Language and translations: Guidelines for working with languages other than Swedish.
  • Practical copy: Guidelines for system texts and micro copy.
  • Accessibility guidelines: Knowledge base about products that help create accessible solutions.

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