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Registry of accessibility controllers for buildings of public interest - Greece

  • Greece
Scope of application
  • Built environment
Type of organisation
  • Public administration

In 2021, the Greek state initiated the registration process for buildings that are occupied by public and wider public sector services. The registration process aimed at:

  • Assessing the accessibility of the above-mentioned buildings.
  • Determining the interventions that the buildings were needed in order to comply with the existing national legislation on the accessibility requirements for persons with disabilities and reduced mobility.
  • Planning the implementation of the needed interventions.

The registration process was carried out by competent public sector officials, aimed to:

  • Assess the level of accessibility of buildings to persons with disabilities and reduced mobility.
  • Identify the necessary interventions to make these buildings accessible to persons with disabilities and reduced mobility.
  • Provide a preliminary estimated cost of the needed interventions to find funds. 

The Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and the Greek National Confederation of Disabled People (NCDP) developed a special digital platform for the registration of the buildings occupied by public and wider public sector services.

The project was overseen by the Minister of State. Additionally, an electronic register for engineers-accessibility infrastructure inspectors was established. An accessibility assessment questionnaire was also developed in order to be used by the inspectors during the accessibility process. The inspectors, before being involved in the assessment process, were trained on it.

This initiative, which was one of the flagship actions of the Greek National Action Plan for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2020-2023, contributed, not only, to raising awareness among public sector service executives on the rights of persons with disabilities, but also, to ensuring that the involved engineers were well-informed about the obstacles that persons with disabilities and reduced mobility face to the existing buildings.

So far, all buildings occupied by the public and wider public sector services have been registered. As for the buildings assessment, it is still in progress. 

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