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WACA - Web Accessibility Certificate - Austria

  • Austria
Scope of application
  • Standards
Type of organisation
  • Non-profit organisation
Organisation responsible
  • MyAbility

An accessible web is a sign and expression of an open, democratic and inclusive society.

WACA is the first independent certificate in the European area to make accessibility according to the international W3C guidelines (WCAG 2.1 - AA) recognisable to the outside world. This quality seal guarantees accessibility for all people on the tested website, is intended for German and English-language websites throughout Europe and is issued in accordance with the European standard EN 301 549.

This recognises efforts made by companies and organisations with regard to accessibility on the web and fulfils legal requirements. Independent and vetted experts are appointed by the WACA advisory board and carry out the audit. An interdisciplinary advisory board from a wide range of core competences monitors the certification process and is responsible for the further development of the certificate as well as the appointment of auditors.

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