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Accès libre mobilité - Free mobility access - France

  • France
Scope of application
  • Transport
Type of organisation
  • Public administration

Since the summer of 2023, the tool for collecting road and transport accessibility data has a name: Acceslibre Mobilités. The tool is shown as a software suite, with on the one hand a web interface which allows the collection to be prepared in advance and on the other hand, a tablet application for data entry in the field, with quests focused either on transport or on roads.

The development of the Acceslibre Mobilités tool continues and there are now 5 cities testing it.
The first three began testing in the summer of 2023 (Laons le Saulnier, Evian and the Aix Marseille Provence metropolis). They were able to familiarize themselves with the web interface which makes it possible to bring together the data already available in the GIS (Geographic Information System) of the cities. In October 2023, they were able to test the tablet application to make the first seizures in the field. Since then, service providers have taken user feedback into account for ever greater ergonomics.

Since January 2024, two new “communities” (La Rochelle agglomeration and Evreux agglomeration) have been supported free of charge to use the tool, always with the aim of improving both the associated documentation and the web interface or tablet seizure.

The objective is, for these communities, to be able to produce data sets both to test the tool and adjust it and to test the reuse of this data in regional route planners.

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