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"ADIF-Acerca" assistance service - Spain

  • Spain
Scope of application
  • Transport
Type of organisation
  • Public administration
Organisation responsible
  • ADIF (public entity of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, which manages railway stations).

This is a Customer Care and Assistance service for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility that Adif makes available to rail customers at the 144 Adif and Adif High Speed stations where it operates.

It is a personalized service that guides, informs and facilitates the traveler's access and transit through the stations, and provides help for getting on and off the trains. If necessary, mechanical devices are available to enable this.

The service includes picking up the passenger at the meeting point in their station of origin, assistance transiting through the station, boarding the train and finding their seats. They will also be picked up at their destination station, helped to disembark and accompanied to the previously established place in the arrival station.

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