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News article8 April 2024AccessibleEU1 min read

AccessibleEU brings together healthcare and technology in Spain

The Technology for Health congress, held on 4-5 April in Madrid, brought together key players from the assistive technology and healthcare communities. 

Mechanical prosthetic hand and forearm, next to a prosthesis model.
Mechanical prosthetic hand and forearm.
Fundación ONCE

The Technology for Health congress served as a bridge to bring technology closer to the healthcare community. It was co-organised by AccessibleEU Spain, Autofabricantes and 3DLAN. 

The congress featured presentations and round tables about 3D printing and its different uses in accessibility and healthcare, as well as showrooms of 3D support products and workshops. The event provided an excellent opportunity to learn about 3D resources on the Internet and to get to know the key players in the field.

As a co-organiser, AccessibleEU was present during the introduction of the event, where Spanish National Experts María Fernanda Cabrera and Delfín Jiménez introduced the project and encouraged the audience to join AccessibleEU’s Community of Practice


Publication date
8 April 2024
  • Spain