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News article19 February 2024AccessibleEU1 min read

AccessibleEU surpassed all its objectives in 2023

The AccessibleEU Final Report 2023, which covers the launching year of the Centre, is available for consultation.


The European Accessibility Resource Centre is one of the landmarks of the rights of persons with disabilities in Europe. In its launching year, it successfully hosted 90 events, established a Community of Practice that had, by the end of the year, over 1600 members, and built a digital library with over 150 Good Practices and over 130 references on accessibility, surpassing all the objectives by far. 

All this data and more can be consulted now in the AccessibleEU Final Report of 2023, which is available in English, French and German. The documents are all accessible for persons with disabilities. 

The report accounts for the actions undertaken in the first year of the Centre, dedicated to both setting up structures, systems, and networks, as well as delivering initial services. In its first year, the project saw significant progress despite encountering unforeseen issues that impacted its timeline. This report also outlines the valuable lessons learned from these challenges to steer the project's direction in the upcoming years. 

General publications19 February 2024
AccessibleEU Final report 2023 English version
General publications19 February 2024
AccessibleEU Final report 2023 French version
General publications19 February 2024
AccessibleEU final report 2023 German version



Publication date
19 February 2024