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News article24 May 2024AccessibleEU France1 min read

Better accommodation for persons with reduced mobility in French leisure residences

France modifies the town planning code so that leisure residences can accommodate persons with reduced mobility.


Article A 111-2 of the town planning code which defines leisure residences in France was modified and supplemented on 8 April 2024. This makes it possible to deviate from the maximum surface area of 40m² under two conditions: 

  • That their surface area does not exceed 50 square meters;
  • That they are designed to accommodate persons with reduced mobility and allow, under normal operating conditions, all people likely to access them with the greatest possible autonomy, to circulate, access the premises, use the equipment, find their way, orient themselves, communicate and benefit from the services for which they were designed.

More information: Order of April 8, 2024 modifying article A. 111-2 of the town planning code


Publication date
24 May 2024
AccessibleEU France
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