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News article7 May 2024CEN-CENELEC1 min read

CEN-CENELEC calls for tender for Team Leader and Experts in accessibility of the built environment

CEN-CENELEC is selecting a project team comprising 1 project team leader and 3 project team experts in the field of accessibility of the built environment. 


This Project Team will contribute to Phase 1 of the revision of EN 17210:2021, i.e. prEN 17210, “Accessibility and usability of the built environment - Functional requirements”.

prEN 17210 is expected to result in a harmonised standard that would cover the accessibility requirements of Annex III of the European Accessibility Act (Directive (EU) 2019/882 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 April 2019 on the accessibility requirements for products and services).  

Phase 1 of prEN 17210 will cover the production of a prEN 17210 draft that will be submitted to Enquiry, the submission of the prEN 17210 draft to Enquiry Vote and the production of an amended draft of prEN 17210 according to the main comments received at the Enquiry stage.

The deadline for tenders is 2024-06-07.  

More information in the website of CEN-CENELEC


Publication date
7 May 2024