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Webinars on digital accessibility


Publication date
1 December 2023
Inter Vlaanderen | Comeos
  • Dutch
  • 2023


Similar to physical shopping, online shopping poses challenges for various individuals. Unfortunately, not all websites or online shops currently offer accessibility. Therefore, additional efforts are necessary to address this issue. Furthermore, legal obligations are on the horizon, as the European Accessibility Act will come into effect from June 2025, mandating accessibility for all e-commerce platforms.

The primary goal is to enhance the accessibility of products and services for individuals with disabilities and to improve the availability of pertinent information. Comeos urges its retailers to proactively engage in preparations to meet these requirements by the specified deadline.

In collaboration with Inter, Comeos has initiated training courses for retailers to enhance the accessibility of online shops. To support a broader audience, all the tips and advice resulting from these courses are now publicly accessible at De Warmste Entree. These resources are specifically designed for editors, designers, and developers seeking to improve the accessibility of online platforms.

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Webinars on digital accessibility