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News article22 May 2024AccessibleEU1 min read

Poland takes another step towards accessibility

The Polish Parliament adopts the Polish Accessibility Act, which transposes the European Accessibility Act into Polish law.

On 12 April 2024, Polish Parliament adopted an act on ensuring compliance with the accessibility requirements of certain products and services by business entities, called the Polish Accessibility Act. The regulation, prepared by the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy, transposes the European Accessibility Act (EAA). Thanks to this, persons with special needs will have easier access to the most common products and services, such as computers, phones, tablets, e-books, e-commerce, and digital information services in passenger transport.

The new act will be another important piece of legislation for accessibility. So far, legal obligations to ensure accessibility were primarily held by public administration entities. With this new act, the right to accessibility will gain the necessary business dimension, and thus accessibility will also become a standard in business entities, both public and private, and the products and services they offer.

The proposed act will also be an element of the implementation of fundamental rights established in the most important Polish and international acts. It supports Poland's implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and at the level of EU law it is consistent with the treaty principle of non-discrimination and the provisions of the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The Act will be in force from June 28, 2025. From that moment on, business entities will have to meet the accessibility requirements specified therein.

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Publication date
22 May 2024
  • Poland