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Robobraille Smart

  • Austria
Scope of application
  • Education
Type of organisation
  • Organisation representative of people with disabilities

Electronic teaching and learning materials are often not usable for people with visual impairments due to a lack of accessibility. In addition, teachers and relatives of people with disabilities often do not have the necessary skills to prepare accessible materials in alternative formats.

The "RoboBraille SMART Alternate Media" project aims is to explore new, smarter and simpler methods for preparing and creating teaching and learning materials in alternative formats (e.g. digital Braille, audio books, e-books and other accessible documents) using RoboBraille and other relevant free ICT tools. In addition, teachers, parents and producers of alternative media that support people with visual and reading disabilities will be trained in the use of such methods and tools.

Together with project partners from Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Denmark and Ireland, the aid community developed a special, free training course. This can be delivered across the curriculum throughout Europe and aims to provide teachers and family members with the necessary skills to prepare teaching materials in alternative formats that can be used by both visually impaired people and people with learning disabilities without barriers.

A course manual and six training units were created as part of the project. 

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