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Accessibility in the historic built environment, Raina Boulevard 15 in Riga (Latvia)

  • Latvia
Scope of application
  • Built environment
Type of organisation
  • Public administration
Organisation responsible
  • SIA 'Tiesu namu aģentūra'

The rental house was built around 1875. The building manager is public Ltd 'Tiesu namu aģentūra'. Several state institutions are located in the building - Society Integration Foundation Republic of Latvia  and Alimony Guarantee Fund. The object is notable because this pandus to the public institutions has been realized in the historical centre of Riga (protected area), near an architectural monument of national importance - Monument of Freedom  and University of Latvia.  

The house is located on a street built in the second half of the 19th century. The building of the street consists of important public houses and luxurious multi-story brick tenement houses typical of the capitalist era.

The street is one of the few streets in the center of Riga where small front gardens are arranged in front of the buildings. The houses were built according to the designs of prominent architects of their time (J.F. Bauman, H. Šela, R. Pflug, G.F.A. Hilbig). Riga State 1st Gymnasium is located at 8 Raina Boulevard. This house was built in 1874, architect Johan Daniels Felsko. Nearby the French embassy is located at Raina Boulevard 9, but the main building of the University of Latvia is located at Raina Boulevard 19.

All these buildings are located in a UNESCO protected area and the building at Raina Boulevard 15 is  one of Riga's attractions - a cultural monument. The construction of the pandus was coordinated with environmental accessibility expert J. Briedis from the Association of the Disabled and their friends 'Apeirons' around 2018.

The pandus gives a possibility for people in wheelchairs, people with baby carriages and other visitors with limited mobility to get to the Society Integration fund.  The steps are also marked accordingly so that they can be easily seen by the visually impaired people. The design of the pandus fits perfectly into the historical building and at the same time provides free access to the building for people with mobility and vision impairments.

See images of Raina Boulevard 15. Image 1 Image 2