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Accessibility of public buildings for persons with disabilities in Slovenia

  • Slovenia
Scope of application
  • Built environment
Type of organisation
  • Public administration
Organisation responsible
  • Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia

The situation in Slovenia regarding the accessibility of public buildings for functionally disabled persons is for some cases worrying. Disabled people most often encounter obstacles when accessing the facility (prohibited parking for disabled people, stairs leading to the entrance to the facility, thresholds that are too high, doors that are too heavy to open, handles placed too high, etc.) and then in the facility itself (stairs, inadequate elevators), insufficiently large sanitary facilities, etc.). 

Dostopnost (accessibility), an online application for access to possible obstacles has been created, which shows potential obstacles to functionally disabled people and building owners and maintenance workers. The verification method is based on the relevant legislation and standards of universal accessibility and is important because it enables an accurate and comparable evaluation of potential barriers and existing adaptations. Thus, it functions both as a multi-purpose framework for assessing the accessibility of all buildings, which allows owners and maintainers of buildings to review and display possible obstacles, as well as as a guideline for the accessibility of buildings for the functionally disabled. There are currently over 300 inspected public buildings in the database.

Article "Accessibility of buildings for the functionally impaired: An inventorying method using online tools"

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