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Accessible Rock Concert "I Don't Stay at Home!" - "Nu Stau Acasa!" - Romania

Scope of application
Culture and leisure
Type of organisation
Organisation representative of people with disabilities
Organisation responsible
Help Me Be a Rock Star Association Supereroi Printre Noi Association

"Nu Stau Acasa!" - "I don't stay at home!" is an acoustic musical event, where people with physical, neuro-cognitive and sensory disabilities, together with their family or friends, are welcome. Also people who believe in the right of those with special needs to participate actively in the cultural life of the community are welcome.

The event is organized by the associations founded by parents of disabled children Help Me Be A Rockstar and Superheroes among us, with the support of  Expirat.

A team made up of people with experience in different areas of disability works in the organization of this event. The facilities include: sensory toys, quiet room, antiphonic headphones, dog therapy, changing places, adapted toilets, adapted bar, adapted transportation to/from the location, specific lights and adapted sound system.

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