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Accessible spaces for all - Improving accessibility of tourism for persons with disabilities in Central Europe

  • Slovenia
Scope of application
  • Built environment
Type of organisation
  • Public administration

Web Accessibility Viewer (WAV) is an online tool and database for policy planners for mapping accessibility of persons with disabilities to improve governance and cooperation for a more accessible tourism in Central Europe.

WAV is enabling users free-of-charge view and download of accessibility data for persons with mobility impairments, persons with visual impairments and persons with hearing impairments. Data was captured and evaluated in a participatory process by persons with disabilities themselves on the field, using a common methodology and the principles of inclusive design. Information was gathered concerning accessibility of tourist facilities, parking places for disabled persons and parking lots, public transport stations, footpaths, points of interest, barriers, audible pedestrian semaphores and Tactile Walking Surface Indicator (TWSI), with accompanying photographs. The tool offers evidence-based basis for developing accessible tourism strategies, territorial planning and capacity building.

Viewer is the result of the European project of the Interreg Central Europe Programme "CE-Spaces4All" or "Accessible Spaces for All", connecting public institutions, decision-makers, tourism stakeholders and persons with disabilities to improve the conditions for the development of accessible tourism in three rural regions of Central Europe. Project addresses challenges such as the lack of awareness and participation of persons with disabilities, the necessity for standardized accessibility data and data collection beyond urban areas, and the insufficient availability of accessible services.

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