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The Athens Metro - Greece

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Athens Metro Anonymous Company

The Athens Metro,which opened in 2000, is a fully accessible transport system which connects with the Electric railway. 

Stations are well placed to serve major points of interest, such as museums, and encourage shorter and longer walks for people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

All metro stations are accessible to all users. More specifically:

  • Every station has lifts and level or ramped access points.
  • Ticket machines and ticket counters are at a low height, suitable for wheelchair users.
  • Platforms are provided with tactile paving and warning tiles at the platform edge.
  • In a few places, where needed, there is a platform lift for wheelchair users.
  • On every platform there is level access to the train and there is only a very small gap between the platform and the train.
  • Lifts have control buttons with Braille text, and stops are announced verbally.
  • Stops are announced on a screen and verbally, in more than one languages.
  • Pedestrian routes to and from the Metro stations, as well as all the stations and platforms are accessible to wheelchair users, and are equally accommodating for parents with pushchairs.

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