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Ava Captions for All

  • Belgium
Scope of application
  • Assistive products and technologies
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  • Company

Ava offers live subtitling solutions for any situation. They specialised in speech-to-text technology for people who are deaf or hard of hearing (HoH). Ava uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to convert live conversations into real-time text, making communication more accessible for people with hearing impairments.

Key features and services offered by Ava include:

  • Live Captioning: Ava provides real-time captioning during conversations, meetings, classes and other situations where speech is used. This enables deaf and hard-of-hearing users to participate in conversations.
  • Accessibility: Ava improves accessibility by converting speech to text, enabling people with hearing impairments to communicate fully in various environments.
  • Mobile Application: Ava is available as a mobile app that users can download onto their smartphones. This makes Ava convenient and portable for everyday use. Ava: Transcribe Voice to Text on the App Store (, Ava: Transcriptions & Captions - Apps on Google Play.
  •  AI-based Transcription: Ava uses AI technology to accurately convert spoken words into text. The app continuously improves and strives for high accuracy in speech recognition.
  • Ease of use: Ava is designed to be easily used in various situations, such as meetings, events, doctor's appointments, and more.

Ava strives to promote inclusive communication by enabling people with hearing impairments to participate in conversations and events on an equal footing.

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