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Avaava Kohosign signage system - Finland

  • Finland
Scope of application
  • Assistive products and technologies
Type of organisation
  • Company
Organisation responsible
  • Avaava Ltd

Avaava has created a full signagesystem which includes all necessary signs for people with visual impairment or for blind people. Avaava Kohosign system includes: Tactile area map, word map, guiding direction signs, room and door signs, elevator guides, symbol signboards and signs, pictograms, Braille signs, sound guides and embossed floor markings.

The main product of the Avaava signage range is the embossed main guide, which is industrially manufactured with the most advanced manufacturing technology. All of the information on this sign is also included as embossed images and written in Braille. 

The tactile area map is useful for everyone, and also for people with vision impairment, when trying to conceptualise a space and find their destination. All Avaava signs can be fitted with Braille.

Sound guides are an excellent but rarely used type of guidance. They are particularly useful for blind people and people with impaired vision, but also make navigating easy for everyone else.

The Avaava word map is a type of sound guide, providing advance information about the site, already on your home computer. The Avaava word map is a route guide to a destination that can be read or listened to on the website, as well as a clear description of the building itself and its various facilities.

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