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The City of Ljubljana (Slovenia) Accessible to all - Slovenia

  • Slovenia
Scope of application
  • Built environment
Type of organisation
  • Public administration
Organisation responsible
  • The Council of the City of Ljubljana

Ensuring accessibility is integrated into all areas of operation of the City of Ljubljana, especially spatial planning, transport infrastructure development, provision of public transport and social activities such as education, culture, sports, social welfare and health. The solutions that the municipality is introducing in Ljubljana in various areas are carefully planned and intended to ensure that everyone – regardless of personal circumstances – has the opportunity to be equally involved in city life. 

The City of Ljubljana made it at the very top of Europe in terms of accessibility, as evidenced by the high rankings in the annual European Commission competitions "Access City Award" for cities accessible to persons with disabilities and the elderly, the highest of which is the second place, that is, the silver recognition for the year 2018.

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