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Accessible Ljubljana


Publication date
1 September 2019
Tilka Klančar (City of Ljubljana, Slovenia) | Tanja Hodnik (City of Ljubljana, Slovenia) | Alenka Žagar (City of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
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  • 2019


Editorial information: City of Ljubljana - Health and Social Care  Department

This book provides an in-depth examination of the efforts undertaken by the City of Ljubljana to enhance accessibility and inclusivity for people with disabilities. Central to this initiative is the City of Ljubljana's Council for the Removal of Architectural and Communication Barriers (SOAKO), a consultative body that acts as a vital liaison between individuals with disabilities and city policymakers. Through direct engagement with the experiences of people with disabilities, SOAKO has effectively contributed to the city's administration's responsiveness to accessibility needs, notably enhancing awareness and implementing practical solutions.

This book highlights the transformation in perception regarding SOAKO's role, from a body valued only by disability representatives to one recognized for its substantial contributions by city government and professionals alike. It illustrates the implementation of broader solutions, such as tactile guidance systems, ramps, and Slovene sign language interpretation at events, which not only facilitate the rights and needs of people with disabilities but also promote societal recognition and appreciation of diversity and inclusion.

"Accessible Ljubljana" underscores the ongoing commitment of Ljubljana and its stakeholders to improve environmental access in response to societal aging, showcasing the city's evolving and essential role in fostering an accessible and inclusive society. 

Book Accessible Ljubljana

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Accessible Ljubljana