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Check It! - Check Dit!


Publication date
1 January 2021
Hans Beerens | Davy Kager
  • Dutch
  • 2021


Editorial information:, 1st edition, 2021.  

Guide for publishers about how to check accessibility with users and assistive technology. How do you know whether your efforts lead to accessible publications, products and services? Of course you want to check whether everything is working properly. Is the digital information perceivable, operable and understandable? And is it really robust: does it work well with browsers, readers and assistive technology?

This guide helps you. There exists a list of formal requirements for digital accessibility. It provides guidance on how to create high-quality products and services. For everyone. Before, during, and after working on accessibility, you want to check what it delivers to users.

Research isn't just done to prove accessibility. Running through the checklist, ticking off requirements, and done? Nope. Checking whether your website, app, or e-book meets the standards requires a systematic approach and knowledge. It's not a casual check. Another approach is to get an impression of accessibility in a playful way. Alone or together. Try this: what happens when you put yourself in the shoes of a user with a disability? Get a taste of what it's like.


15 OCTOBER 2023
Check It! - Check Dit!