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Eventi per tutti. Principi ed indicazioni pratiche - Events for all. Principles and practical guidance


Publication date
1 January 2023
CPD – Consulta per le Persone in Difficoltà ODV ETS
  • Italian
  • 2023


Editorial information: Fondazione CRT (Cassa di Risparmio di Torino). 

The text aims to provide guidance for planning and managing the organization of concerts, fairs, events, exhibitions, conferences, seminars fully inclusive and accessible for any type of audience, regardless of their specific needs. The manual approaches accessibility according to three specific dimensions:

  1. Providing structural accessibility to make it possible for everyone to move freely and access spaces in which the event takes place; 
  2. Providing access to the experience in order to ensure that each person can fully participate to the event and enjoy it in a satisfactory way; 
  3. Providing access to information in order to allow everyone to find clear, reliable and up-to-date information about services offered and available solutions. 

The Vademecum is structured in two different sections. The first part illustrates the principles and philosophy underlying the ‘design for all’ approach in order to prepare the reader to use the manual in a conscious and effective way. The second part deals with each aspect related to planning and organization of both indoor and outdoor events: from communication to reception, parking, toilet facilities, catering services, security and IT. Considering all these aspects is, in fact, necessary to ensure that all visitors can fully access and enjoy the event.

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9 MAY 2024
Eventi per tutti. Principi ed indicazioni pratiche - Events for all. Principles and practical guidance