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Improving the Accessibility of Rail Transport for People with Disabilities


Publication date
1 March 2019
Ivona Wröbel
  • English
  • 2019


Editorial information: Railway Institute. Volume 182, March 2019, 181-191 ) ISSN 2544-9451 (on-line).

The subject concerns the issue of transport accessibility, due to the special needs of persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility.

The disability state is presented quantified for Poland and in relation to the population of Europe. On the basis of European and Polish legal regulations, the issues of rail transport accessibility in relation to meeting the requirements specified in the technical specifications for interoperability are discussed.

Following the National Implementation Plan of Technical Specifications for Interoperability for persons with reduced mobility, a diagnosis of the condition and assessment of the accessibility of Polish railways for persons with disabilities is discussed, as well as the functioning principles and actions taken to eliminate existing barriers.

The article indicates a method facilitating the preparation of a strategy guaranteeing full access to passenger infrastructure in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Specifications for Interoperability for persons with reduced mobility.. The proposed method uses the questionnaire of the facility, which covers all aspects related to the accessibility of the railway station for persons with disabilities. This project is an offer for rail infrastructure managers who are required to have a strategy for passenger stations.


16 OCTOBER 2023
Improving the Accessibility of Rail Transport for People with Disabilities