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General guidelines

Join! - Doe Mee!


Publication date
1 January 2021
Hans Beerens | Davy Kager
  • Dutch
  • 2021


Editorial Information:, 2nd edition, 2021.

Join in! A practical guide for publishers. This guide contains ten tips for making information accessible. They serve as an entry point to raise awareness and a great starting point for working on accessibility. With these guidelines, informed choices can be made.

The guide 'Doe mee!' (Join in!) is a follow-up to the ten keys in 'Maak open!' (Open up!) The first guide was a good start, and with that, half the work was done. 'Doe mee!' continues the work. Collaboration is necessary to implement the measures. Therefore, this guide is aimed at everyone in the organization and the publishing sector: managers, publishers, policymakers, designers, developers, editors, and writers.

Accessible information. It seems difficult to realize, but that is not true. This guide contains simple solutions that can have a big effect. If everyone takes one extra step to achieve accessibility, we'll go a long way and no one will have to fall through the cracks. The sum of everyone's contribution leads to a real solution, more value, and positive experiences. For this, collaboration within your organization is crucial. And when that works, you will also get closer to accessible end-results for people with disabilities. Remember that products that work for people with disabilities, will also benefit others. 


Join! - Doe Mee!