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Look at it! - Bekijk Het!


Publication date
1 January 2022
Hans Beerens | Davy Kager
  • Dutch
  • 2022


Editorial, 1st edition, 2022.

This guide contains ten points of view for inclusive design. As a creator you have your own perspective, as a user too. So look at it from the other side. This guide is for everyone with a warm heart for inclusive publishing. Especially for designers, producers, publishers, sellers, users, advocates. Flip around your point of view. The importance and goal are the same: reaching and involving everyone by making digital publications accessible at the source.

Whether it's your website, app, e-book, report, or newsletter. Start at the beginning and involve, question, and ask users with disabilities from the start. Universal design, participation, evaluation, compatibility? Huh? Why? How? This guide helps you understand these concepts, see different perspectives. Because it all depends on how you look at it.

The text is split into two parts. First it helps you look at it from the side of the users, then from the side of the designteam. Your users are, after all, experts in user experiences. In fact, they exchange their experiences with digital publications among themselves. Whether it's at a birthday party or through reviews, social media, discussion groups, and user forums. As a result, sometimes they know more about the usability and quality of your digital publication than you, the designer and publisher. Not letting them participate in your design process from the start is a missed opportunity. Just as not having a conversation with them to find out what they think about your publication(s).


15 OCTOBER 2023
Look at it! - Bekijk Het!