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Scientific paper

Staff competences of the disabled person's assistant at the airport


Publication date
1 January 2019
Aleksandra Markiewicz
  • Polish
  • 2019


Editorial information: The Scientific Journal of the School of Banking and Management in Krakow. 

Airports face the necessity to provide assistance to persons with disabilities and reduced mobility with the access to the services they offer in order to ensure equal travelling opportunities. This is done by the elimination of barriers that disabled passengers encounter. 

The article describes the types of disabilities with regard to the necessity to offer adequate assistance, the desired competences of airport special assistants and it suggests good practices in communication management with passengers who expect to obtain help in overcoming the existing barriers. 

The purpose of this article is to describe the essence of the work and competences of a Personal Assistant Disabled people at the airport and presenting proposals for good practices servicing disabled people depending on the type of disability.

It is common knowledge that people with disabilities have the right to protection against discrimination and equal treatment. Unfortunately, many times in collision within reality, it turns out that the barriers they face effectively prevent them from doing so participation in social life on an equal basis with healthy people. 

Assistance provided at the airport helps people with disabilities regain independence. Thanks for the introduction good practices in passenger service management and emphasis on proper communication, most of the inconveniences associated with encountered barriers become less troublesome and stressful. 

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Staff competences of the disabled person's assistant at the airport