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Tourism for All in Luxembourg - Tourismus für Alle in Luxembourg - Tourisme pour Tous au Luxembourg


Publication date
1 January 2015
Dr. Kai Pagenkopf | Dr. Peter Neumann | Silvio Sagramola | Yannick Breuer
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  • German
  • 2015


Editorial Information: Ministry of the Economy - Directorate General of Tourism Luxembourg.

Quoting the Luxembourg States Secretary for Economy: “The Luxembourg government has enshrined the systematic implementation of the concept of "Design for All" in its coalition agreement, making it a pioneer in Europe in this area. The "Tourism for All in Luxembourg" project is an important step towards making Luxembourg a destination where all guests feel comfortable and welcome.

The topic of "tourism for all" is by no means a sure-fire success. I am all the more pleased about the great interest of the tourism experts, which has contributed to the success of the project and will continue to do so in the future. Only together with the players in tourism can it be possible to identify the expectations of both guests and service providers and to meet the challenges of a constantly changing market.

To do this, we need to avoid "isolated solutions" and instead focus on networking and collaboration. The development of coherent offers with experiences along the entire tourism service chain is an important objective for Luxembourg.

In the course of the project, success factors and practical tips were identified together with tourism experts from the various regions in order to accompany the tourism stakeholders on their way. In this guide for professionals in the Luxembourg tourism sector, the lessons gathered have been compiled in a clear form. I am convinced that in this way we will be able to provide answers to the social changes of the coming years and at the same time provide economic impetus that will not only benefit tourism.

Introduction to the publication.

Demographic change is on everyone's lips in Europe. Although Luxembourg is one of the few European countries whose population will grow in the future, a significant decrease in population is to be expected in all major source countries.

However, changes in the population structure will not leave Luxembourg unscathed. "We are getting older, more individual and more colourful!" – This often-quoted saying also applies to Luxembourg. The number of older people is increasing in Luxembourg and across Europe. For tourism, this means an increase in guests and visitors who want to go on holiday despite possible restrictions or chronic illnesses.

In addition, the expectations and demands of guests are also changing. "Off-the-shelf" offers, which in the past might have been able to appeal to a large group of guests, are now less frequently asked.

Providers in the tourism sector have to adapt to these changed conditions if they want to survive in the competition. The concept of Tourism for All offers a promising approach here: Tourism for All takes into account the diversity of guests and focuses on their different needs.

A barrier-free, comfortable infrastructure is just as important as good, individual service.

Tourism for All guarantees the "accessibility" of tourist offers and puts comfort, safety and aesthetics in the foreground.

There are good reasons for tourism for all:

  • More comfort: Accessibility is a quality and comfort feature that benefits all guests. Accessibility guarantees all guests a comfortable, safe and convenient holiday (design for all).
  • Positive effects for the residents: The inhabitants also benefit from the barrier-free development of a tourism region. The quality of life and stay increases for everyone.
  • Prevention: Due to demographic change, the demand for barrier-free services will continue to increase significantly.
  • Securing customer potential:  Older guests as well as guests with limited activity and mobility already have a considerable market volume and offer a large, steadily growing potential as future guests.
  • Strengthening the low season: Guests with reduced activity and mobility travel to a greater extent than other holidaymakers in the low season.

The publication analyses the particular expectations due to their specific needs that guests might have towards their stay in the country and provides information on how these expectations could be satisfied. Another chapter of the publication addresses the owners and managers of tourist attractions providing them with advice for adequate equipment and service. And, last but not least, the brochure shows some marketing elements for accessible tourism and provides addresses where to find more help and guidance in Luxembourg.


Tourism for All in Luxembourg - Tourismus für Alle in Luxembourg - Tourisme pour Tous au Luxembourg