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U Design for real people


Publication date
1 October 2023
Inter Vlaanderen
  • English
  • 2023


In Flanders, we are dedicated to incorporating accessibility and universal design principles into various design courses, including architecture, interior architecture, product design, space and service design, landscape architecture, urban design, and spatial planning.

This website serves as a valuable resource for both teachers and students in design courses at colleges and universities.

Teachers can access a registration form on the website to apply for our free offerings, which include workshops, immersive sessions/empathy sessions, and coaching for design assignments. Additionally, the website provides a wealth of teaching materials, including a Dutch and English presentation on inclusive design and designing for all, along with a poster and a video with English subtitles.

For students seeking to delve deeper into inclusive design and garner inspiration, the website offers a toolbox for searching relevant information. We also extend a network of user experts to assist students. If students wish to understand how someone with a disability can effectively use a product or environment, or if they seek input on their design concepts, they can easily pose their questions through the website. We ensure they are connected with a knowledgeable user expert for valuable insights and guidance.

Accessible EU is not responsible for the accessibility of content provided by third parties. 
If the acquisition or download of the referenced publications involves any cost, Accessible EU is not responsible for it and does not obtain any type of benefit from the associated sale.


27 APRIL 2024
U Design for real people