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Video tutorial: How to use iPhone by for visually impaired people - Videokoolitus: Kuidas Pimedana iPhonei kasutada


Publication date
1 January 2023
Jakob Rosin
  • Estonian
  • 2023


Editorial Information: Eesti Pimedate Liit (Estonian Blind Union)

The video course provides a thorough exploration of the iOS platform's accessibility features, specifically designed with visually impaired users in mind. Initially, participants are introduced to the fundamental layout of iOS devices. They learn about the basic functions of buttons, gestures, and the most effective ways to navigate the interface.

A significant portion of the course is dedicated to mastering VoiceOver, Apple's acclaimed screen-reading functionality. Here, users will grasp the full capabilities of VoiceOver and understand how to customize it according to their unique needs. Further, the course delves into methods to optimize screen magnification, font adjustments, and the use of high contrast modes.

Beyond the foundational aspects of the device itself, the course sheds light on the accessibility of various essential apps. This includes commonly used applications for activities like email, messaging, and web browsing, detailing how each can be navigated using the in-built accessibility features.

In essence, this course not only empowers visually impaired users but also enriches the knowledge base of professionals aiming to facilitate a more inclusive digital environment on the iOS platform, providing training or helping their close ones starting their digital smartphone life.


Video tutorial: How to use iPhone when blind - Videokoolitus: Kuidas Pimedana iPhonei kasutada