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News article19 October 2023AccessibleEU Centre1 min read

AccesibleEU organises a European event on accessible mobility at Global Mobility Call

With this event, AccessibleEU seeks to highlight accessibility as a determining factor in urban mobility.

Global Mobility Call event's banner

AccessibleEU Centre organises the ‘Safe, inclusive and accessible mobility in smart cities’ conference which will be held in Madrid on 24 October as a part of the Global Mobility Call 2023. The event aims to discuss the importance of making transport accessible from three specific perspectives: disability, the global visit of the city and the successful initiatives that have been carried out.

The panel "Accessible Mobility and the City" will have the participation of Ángela Baldellou, from the Higher Council of Professional Associations of Architects of Spain; Nuria Matarredona or Ángela de la Cruz, from the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda; Rosa Mª Arce, from the Technical University of Madrid’s Transport Research Centre; Luis Alonso, from CERMI, and will be moderated by Delfín Jiménez, from AccessibleEU.

In the panel "Accessible Mobility and Best Practices" will participate Jaime Borrel, from Alstom; Carlos Zorita, from ATUC-Metro de Madrid; Jaime Armengol, from Fundación Ibercaja; Fabio Sgardi, from Hidral Gobel, and will be moderated by Gálata Llano, from Safecity.

The conference, which will be in Spanish, will be hybrid and take place at the IFEMA Business Forum in Madrid.

Global Mobility Call is the only international event on sustainable mobility of people and goods that connects all industries and stakeholders. In this conference, AccessibleEU seeks to highlight the relevance of accessibility, to show the reality of accessible mobility in today's cities and to showcase success stories on inclusive mobility.

More information about the event.


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19 October 2023
AccessibleEU Centre