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News article1 April 2024AccessibleEU3 min read

AccessibleEU April 2024 events

Technology, healthcare, banking, Universal Design, digital accessibility and standardisation... AccessibleEU events bring you a wide range of topic this month. Get involved and learn! 


European-level workshop 

If you want to know the key standardisation works related to accessibility, then this worshop is for you. AccessibleEU and ANEC are hosting the online workshop AccessibleEU project and relevant standardisation activities, next Wednesday, 3 April. The workshop will be in English and have captioning in English and international sign system (ISS). More information


AccessibleEU Cyprus is hosting three workshops about digital accessibility in the month of April, under the name Making Digital Content Accessible: Empowering Inclusive Experiences. The first two workshops, about web accessibility (in English) and easy-to-read and accessible content (in Greek), will happen simultaneously on 3 April, while the final one will take place on 10 April and cover accessible documents (also in Greek). All three workshops are hybrid and will offer captioning in Greek, as well as sign interpretation in Cyprus sign language. More information.  


On 4-5 April, AccessibleEU Spain, Autofabricantes and 3DLAN will bring technology and healthcare together in the congress T4H: Technology for Health. Attendees will have the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas and innovations can succeed. This Spanish-language event is hybrid and will take place in Fundación ONCE, Sebastián Herrera, 15 - 28012 Madrid. AccessibleEU will provide captioning and sign interpretation in Spanish during the morning sessions. More information

On 23 April, AccessibleEU Spain will host the conference Monitoring and good practices regarding accessibility in municipalities. This hybrid event will take place in Fundación ONCE. Sebastián Herrera, 15 - 28012 Madrid. It will be in Spanish and offer captioning and sign interpretation in Spanish. More information


AccessibleEU Latvia, along with the Latvian Judges Training Centre and the Association of the Disabled and their Friends ‘Apeirons’, organise the conference Universal Design for Human Rights. It will take place on Tuesday, 9 April, in the National Library of Latvia, Mūkusalas iela 3, Rīga, LV-1423. It will be in Latvian and offer Captioning and sign interpretation in Latvian. More information

From 11 April to 12 June, AccessibleEU Latvia is hosting three workshops with the aim to increase the knowledge of accessibility experts based on their experience and identified issues. Under the name Accessibility experts for a better future, this cycle of workshops is co-organised by AccessibleEU Apeirons, and will cover environmental and digital accessibility. The workshops will take place both online and onsite, in Association of the Disabled and their Friends ‘Apeirons’, 38, k.1, str. Kr.Valdemāra, Riga, LV-1010. They will be in Latvian and have captioning and sign interpretation in Latvian. More information


AccessibleEU Sweden and the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) are hosting the event How banks can prepare for the EAA. It will held in hybrid format and take place on 9 April in Post- och telestyrelsen, Hälsingegatan 38, SE-113 43 Stockholm. It will be in Swedish, with captioning and sign interpretation in Swedish. More information


AccessibleEU Slovenia and the Institute A11Y.SI are co-organising the workshop Best practices for accessibility of websites, applications and services: How to plan, design, code and prepare accessible content. This event will take place on 9 April and be held in hybrid format, in University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Univerza v Ljubljani, Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, Tržaška cesta 25, SI-1000 Ljubljana. It will be in Slovenian, with captioning and sign interpretation in Slovenian. More information


On 9 April, AccessibleEU Poland and the Private Vocational Training Center will host the workshop People with special needs: savoir vivre in contacts & smartphones as a mobile Assistant for All. The workshop aims to demonstrate how smartphone and mobile applications can be assisstive tools for persons with disabilities. It will be held in physical format and take place in Prywatne Technikum Weterynaryjne nr 1 im. Simony Kossak w Prywatnym Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego, ul. Kijowska 3, 03-738 Warswa. It will be in Polish and have captioning in Polish. More information


AccessibleEU Germany will be part of the seventh Accessibility Day at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart, next Friday, 26 April. AccessibleEU will host the awareness-raising event Digital Accessibility: From the niche to mainstream, which will showcase examples of where digital accessibility has already become mainstream. The event will be in German, with captioning and sign interpretation in German. More information


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1 April 2024