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News article31 October 2023AccessibleEU Centre1 min read

AccessibleEU European event: Building Community and Connecting Stakeholders

Join us at our next European event Building Community and Connecting Stakeholders which will take place on 7 November in Madrid, Spain.

Image announcing the Building Community, connecting stakeholders event

The objective of this meeting is to offer participants a rich networking opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with European industry leaders, public administration and civil society representatives as well as other professionals and stakeholders working in accessibility.

The Building Community and Connecting Stakeholders event will also examine AccessibleEU first year achievements. Additionally, representatives from different sectors will discuss how to develop a common strategy to include accessibility in the organisations they represent as well as in their country, and other related topics.

The event will be hybrid and held at Fundación ONCE headquarters located at Calle Sebastián Herrera, 15, Madrid from 9 to 17:30 pm. It will be conducted in Spanish and English. Captioning and Spanish sign language as well as international interpretation will be available.

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Publication date
31 October 2023
AccessibleEU Centre